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Charter for Cocreation - Design and Development - Integrating Matrix for a Fragmented World

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This Charter project is a seed vision with a long history, and is emerging gradually by whatever compels or enables evolutionary growth, particularly including input and ideas from other co-creative people. The project is highly interdisciplinary, and crosses many traditional boundaries to create unity.

The Charter

Growing rapidly around the world today is a powerful and excited movement for the development of enlightened community and for a "network of networks" approach to solving big collective problems.

This Charter project is part of that movement, and is gathering as many participating organizations and individuals as we can assimilate. We want to include your organization and activism as well.

As the essential core of this movement, as its radiant hub and essential organizational principle, we are proposing the principle of co-creation, which we see as the primary common denominator of many basic principles for guiding inspired and illumninated collective thinking and problem-solving. Co-creation means people coming together from different points of view, with the skills and vision and basic instincts or the training to learn to listen, to be receptive, to "receive" ideas from other people who see things differently -- and in that shared/collective context, coming up with original new ideas that can be shared by all members of the group.

We human beings are ALL unique -- each one of us different and special in many detailed ways. But while this is true, we ALSO are very much alike in many essential ways. We must learn to meet on that common ground, and spread the "meme" of that common ground in every direction.

This is a sophisticated process. It is spiritual. It is essentially and inherently creative -- new solutions to problems do not emerge when everyone thinks the same way. Diversity IS an essential factor in creativity. So let's master this principle -- and build a network in every direction, interconnecting every sector, through a common body of simple principles -- the core principles of Co-creation. Defining these principles and weaving this broad alliance is the purpose of this project.



Is this formula for "peace and harmony on earth" a naive fantasy? Perhaps. But it is a practical working formula that is do-able, and it can take on hundreds of issues that are challenging us today in ways that are increasingly dangerous. Do we have "do something"? Many people say yes, we do. This is a practical activist concept, and it uniquely recognizes many elements that most global visionaries agree are esssential:


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