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Convergent facilitation

We have to approach the process of agreement through resonance.

Nobody can define "the perfect set of boxes" that everybody else has to live inside. All these bundaries must be negotiated -- and re-negotiated.... cco-creatively and constantly

Thought for Shelley -- every point of the law must be negotiated in resonance

What are agreements? What is the relationship between "agreements" and "law"?

We are exploring the synthesis of a common body of agreements for group process or discussion or dialogue. These agreements will form the basis for the Charter process -- an agreement to be honored by all persons and organizations who become signatories to the Charter.

The Co-creator's agreements shown below are an example that formed the foundation for a network community proecess that operated in Santa Barbara CA USA for more than 10 years.

Co-creator's agreements -- Hummingbird Ranch and Conscious Evolution SB

This is an evolved and tested body of cocreator's agreements taken from Hummingbird Ranch and the Conscious Evolution movement as organized in Santa Barbara CA in the late 1990's.

We might find 40 more or 100 more such agreements from many different sources and sectors, and begin to distill them down to a smaller set. And we might make agreement with any particular statement optional, as we set up a check-box kind of personal preferences or voting process on how we form one set of agreements spanning all sectors and cultures.

The Co-Creators Agreements
We recognize that aligning in a shared agreement field is essential in order to cultivate and maintain harmonious relationships and well being. The following agreements were first established by the Geneva Group and have been used by Global Family teams and other groups throughout the world for the past several decades.


Copyright © Hummingbird Community 2012-2013 ****** http://revolutionarychoices.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Geneva-Group-Agreements-for-website.pdf GENEVA GROUP AGREEMENTS 1. Committing to the Mission: I agree to use the mission of Geneva Group, and the following agreements, as a guide to my actions. 2. Communicating with Integrity: I agree to tell my truth, with compassion for myself and others. 3. Listening with Heart: I agree to listen respectfully to the communication of others and attune to their deepest meaning. 4. Honoring One Another: I agree to honor each person's process, acknowledging that everyone, including myself, is making the best possible choice or decision we are capable of at that moment of choice or decision. 5. Appreciating One's Self: I agree to take responsibility for acknowledging myself and receiving acknowledgement from others. 6. Expressing Appreciation: I agree to acknowledge others. 7. Honoring Differences: I agree to come from a sense of cooperation and caring in my interactions with others, and from an understanding that goals are often the same even though methods for achieving them may differ. 8. Using Grievances as Opportunities: I agree to look for the unresolved issue within me that creates a disproportionate reaction to another's behavior. 9. Maintaining Harmony: I agree to take the time to establish rapport and then to re-connect with anyone with whom I feel out of harmony as soon as it's appropriate. 10. Resolving Problems Constructively: I agree to take problems, complaints and upsets to the person(s) with whom I can resolve them, at the earliest opportunity. I agree not to criticize or complain to someone who cannot do something about my complaint, and I will recommend that others do the same. 11. Learning From Experience: I agree to look for opportunities to learn from my experiences, to continue doing what works and discontinue doing what does not work. 12. Going For Excellence! I agree to support others and to be supported in participating at the highest level of excellence. 13. Trusting the Process: I agree to release my judgements about the process I am in and to value the outcome as appropriate for me at the moment. 14. Being a rEvolutionary Leader: I agree to foster an environment of genuine collaboration, in which all people, including myself, feel empowered to express our individual and collective potential. 15. Re-evaluating Commitment: I agree to choose and re-choose to participate in Geneva Group. It's my choice. 16. Lightening Up! I agree to create fun and joy in my relationships, my work, my play, and my life.