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The absolute

I love this picture. It hints at the absolute alignment from the global to the local -- and from the whole to the individual. This is the essential formula -- everybody align to a common resonant ("spinal") axis -- for convening the 7 billion people of the planet into a global shift.

Yes -- it's about "chakras" and "the hara line" and "the axis mundi" and "perfect centering" -- but its also about common policies and governance and optimal collective decision-making (the idealization of democracy -- in Obama's words, to form a more perfect union....)

Just got to imagine this line continuing to descend from the Absolute Whole (The Absolute One, the container of everything), in a perfect descending axis until it gets to the tiniest point -- you or me -- lining up in full thrilling centered balance not only with the entire universe but with millions or billions of your fellow human beings, all stepping into a new world....


Interpersonal relationships can and should all be held in resonance under absolute alignment. Alignment keeps relationships true and resonance keeps them exciting, creative and fruitful.