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Strengths of democracy

In the USA, we practice "representative democracy", and some people say we live in a "democratic republic". What are the strengths of this form of government? What is great about it?

Democracy is the most widely used form of government. It is a preferred type of government because it gives the citizens a voice in important decisions that could affect them one way or the other.

There are several types of democracy, one of which is representative democracy. It is the style of democracy founded on the principle of citizens allowing other people, like elected officials, to represent them in government dealings. This is being practiced by the US, Great Britain, and India, to name a few. The people are not directly involved in any of legislative or lawmaking process. This form of democracy is practiced in nations where the number of citizens is so high that direct representation would probably be too complicated or would go wrong. It is found at the federal level of the US government. The whole concept of representative democracy depends on the people’s ability to express their wishes to their representatives.

Generally, representatives serve in a chamber, like a parliament, House of Representatives, senate or similar governing body. Unlike in direct democracy wherein people draft bills themselves, debate and vote to pass them into law, citizens elect people to handle those responsibilities on their behalf in a representative democracy. To some, this might seem as though it could separate the people and the laws of the land. But in reality, the intention of this form of government is to educate and train representatives to better understand the complexity of their jurisdiction. This type of government has its fair share of proponents and opponents. Here are the lists of pros and cons of representative democracy.

Taken from https://goo.gl/EPKqSi

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