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Convergent facilitation

Circles have centers.

This is why they converge.

It is the integrity of the co-creative circle that maintains and drives the convergence of the circles.

"Dialogue is a conversation with a center, not sides"
Dr. Williams Isaacs, MIT, Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together

To be continued...

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The circle of the millennium represents a symbol of the encounter of human beings: the gathering around the fire, where we are talking about what really matters to us.

Today, the circle is a prototype of a emerging culture of cooperation that inspires many organizations, groups, families and communities - as a space of power and possibilities in which everyone is recognized by the strengths, gifts and talents he contributes to the community. It is also a space of flexible leadership, authenticity, hearing, and shared responsibility. The true leader of a group is a goal / goal that is common to all and represented by a (non) visual center.

The circle as a method is much more than a circle of chairs: its power comes to its fullest when it leads a skillful host / host; from the physical arrangement of the space to the establishment of strong and inspiring issues and the maintenance of an incentive communication space in which new insights arise.

For decades, they have experienced a revival of the circle to address contemporary challenges: the Bohmian Dialogue , the Circle Way , the Ways of Council , the Circles of Trust ; Circles settlements ( Restorative Circles ) as well as other methods combined approach larger group processes with those in small circles: World Cafe ( The World Café ), open space ( Open Space ), proactive cafe (Cafe Pro Action); Collective Story Harvest and others; as well as methodologies for the development of organizations such as holocaust and sociocris .

Based on the basic circular method, the process can be adapted to the specific purpose and goal of the team / team / organization / community:

Members of the circle align the world