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Connecting the dots
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The Problem & Vision

The current economic system has become addicted to GDP growth at all costs and has lost sight of the larger goal of sustainable wellbeing. It needs to be fundamentally transformed into a wellbeing economy which is aimed at achieving sustainable wellbeing, not merely growth of GDP, with dignity and fairness, for humans and the rest of nature.

A wellbeing economy recognizes that the economy is embedded in society and the rest of nature and that true freedom and success depend on creating a world where we all prosper and flourish. Institutions serve humanity best when they foster our individual dignity while enhancing our interconnectedness. To thrive, all institutions (including businesses) and society must pivot toward a new purpose: shared wellbeing on a healthy planet.

To achieve a wellbeing economy, a major transformation of our world view, society and economy is needed.

The basics

Our Potential

"Our crisis is a birth" - Barbara Marx Hubbard

This project is driven by the overwhelming sense that there are thousands or millions of groups and organizations and people in the world today who are interested in a large-scale movement for inspired social change, in a form that interconnects all that is good about and in human beings.

This broad movement has been evolving since the internet began to appear, and today takes many forms. One of the most succinct and generic ways to conceptualize this movement -- by including in one concept many areas of human concern, such as ecology, climate change, economy, intecultural relations, human rights, peace -- is contained in the simple and intuitive concept "well being"

Perhaps it seems impossible that all of these million groups could somehow "work together". You shake yuor head with doubt. "It's just too huge, it's just too complicated, it's just too utopian. It's a fantasy. It's too fuzzy, it doesn't do anything in particular." Problems in the world, you might be thinking, are solved by groups and people with their feet on the ground, doing something concrete in particular -- not simply radiating some fuzzy notion of "kumbaya" and suggesting like Rodney King said, "Can't we all get along"?

This project is a response to this doubt, and is working to develop credible and realistic answers to these questions. We're looking at groups all over the place who are inspired by this notion of "community" and want to help weave its fabric.

Why do this?

The movement for well being

Connecting the Dots
There are thousands of groups, each doing their own thing -- and there are hundreds of points of overlap. The essential comnon ground for this movment can and shold be a commitment to create personal relationships that lead to enlightened and holistic solutions.

Integrating the progressive movement

While I strongly agree with many ideas of the progressive political movement in the USA (mostly the Democrats, but not always, often Bernie Sanders, but not always), my strongest feeling on the subject is that we need a mass political movement with a strongly moral/ethical center, grounded in a national or international coalition. I know there are many faith leaders on "either side" of many critical political issues -- but their interaction is often contentious and can sometimes tend to discredit religion itself.

I want a new kind of politics that is intentionally grounded in the well being of all people, and grows from a natural ethical commitment to the principles of co-creation as we are sketchig them out here. Political power should not "grow out of the barrel of a gun" but out of the collective intelligence of the democratic process. It should not be about taking sides, in a way that pits one group of people against another in a contest for power and control.

The "Weaving" strategy is unique
This project and vision has emerged from a long gestation, many projects and a thousand points of view. If there is genius or inspiration in this approach it is embodied in two points that seem uniquely simple and direct

HOW can all of these things come together and be interconencted in ONE framework???

The solution we are suggesting feels simple and just a little bit magical. We need to know what all these sectors have in common, and ow they can be interconencted, and how that abstract philsophical vision can be activate by everyday people who care and want to help