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Charter for Cocreation - Design and Development - Integrating Matrix for a Fragmented World

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"The convergence must be facilitated"

Our strategy and design:

At every point of convergence in this process (where "two or more become one"), there must be a kind of hand-shaking agreement to proceed under the guidance of cocreation.

This process probably has to be negotiated, and probably will take different forms as interconnection grows.

Cocreatve convergence as the central fire of society and the world

"Cocreation is the point of universal convergence"

Voices from every sector and every viewpoint gradually move towards each other in a slowly converging creative process. To the degree possible, every point of connection in this process is mediated & facilitated by principles of cocreation.

"Science, religion, ethics, politics and governance converge into their common ground and the integral vision is fused in that fire"

"Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of you. And my name is Co-creation...."

The charter concept is understood as the foundational agreement for interconnecting sectors of society into a flexible collaborative unity. It's a contract, like a constitution, for guiding creative relationships in all facets of governance and democracy and the self-regulation of society. It contains all wisdom and all grace. It contains wholeness and balance and interdependence in a single concept. It is the formula and vision for integrating the "social fabric" across all boundaries and divisions and differences. It is an ultimate point of similarity -- it is a point containing everything everybody has in common -- and from which branches all diversity and differences.

The co-creative process: divergence (as we collectively brainstorm many possibilities) then convergence (as we work through the possibilities towards agreement)

Interfaith, for example - Convergence from a specific religious tradition though its common ground with related branches towards interfaith and pluralism towards universalism towards One.

Convergent Iterative Design The Co-creative process

The design is an "integral hypothesis" -- an approximate but converging general agreement on the common ground of ontology and religion and governance

Universal negotiation process on foundational concepts of ontology, cosmology, metaphysics

Global ethics => Principles of dialogue, negotiation, facilitation =>