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What is our movement? There is a broad new movement emerging around the world. We're trying to help organize it and make it brilliant. But what exactly does it include? Who belongs in this movement? How do we recognize people that do?

Please give us your insights and guiding suggestions. Thanks!

Co-create the Charter Everywhere we look across the realms of cooperative processes, or interdisciplinary work, or intercultural or interfaith work, we see the dimension of co-creation. Are these principles essential keys for "weaving a world that works"? We are supposing the answer is yes.
Support the manifesto All over the world, a transformative movement is arising. We see it in different forms in hundreds or thousands of organizations. This manifesto surveys this movement and calls for a "movement of movements" organized around these core themes. Please indicate your support, and add your comments or suggestions.
The Fusion We are heading into a convergence, driven by many forces including globalization, simultaneity and cognitive overload. Through this survey process, this Charter project has been exploring "itemization" approaches to establishing common ground. We are supposing that preserving authenticity makes it essential to preserve similarities and differences between people.

But is this realistic? Maybe the simultaneous dimensionality of the convergence is simply too high, and we will be forced to depend on fusion and alignment, rather than itemization of similarities and differences. Will we still need words and categories?
Movement Weavers 1 The Facebook group "Movement Weavers" is full of interesting ideas for changing and healing the world. This entire Charter web site is supposed to be a "loom" -- a co-creative/collaborative loom for weaving together the million strands of an emerging new movement nobody can fully see yet.

Can we work together, as a team or a collaborative? What "movement" are we weaving? What should we include? What do you personally want to do or see happen?
Vision for a New Economy All over the world and here in the USA, we hear a rising chorus of voices calling for major changes in our economic system. Today, it seems obvious to millions of people that the economy on which all people depend for their well-being is highly distorted or weighted in favor of the super-rich.

This causes great suffering all over the planet, and is understood by many people to not only be unfair and almost criminal, but also responsible for severe environmental degradation. We need to work together to "fix" this situation. How can we do this?

NOTE - this survey is under development and will be completed as soon as possible.
Convergent Facilitation We are beginning to explore the potent and exciting conflict resolution method of "convergent facilitation". Let's consider some basic issues regarding this method.

This is a deeply intuitive and natural approach to the resolution of complex conflicts. It makes sense. But perhaps in the context of the internet we can develop some new and innovative approaches. Could it be possible to define systematic mathematical methods for conflict resolution that can be "optimized" in some way? Can we define the process of "convergence" with precision?
What is the Charter for Co-creation? We are driven by a vision of co-creation, and we want to form an international agreement that governs or guides or inspires a global-scale co-creative process that helps heal and inspire and uplift the world.

We have not yet settled on the wording for this agreement. What should it say? What should it include?
Always in progress and under construction This place is a co-creative cauldron, not always so perfectly organized or simple to grasp at a glance. Maybe it's like the "beaver pond" that Michelle Holliday talked about on Face Book -- a very fertile and verdant spawning ground for creative things. What do you suggest?
Great Transition Survey 1 Thousands or millions of people are convinced we are moving through a "Great Transition", and many people want to form broad alliances that can help integrate and empower this transition. But all people do not see this process in the same way.

We are gathering up basic dimensions of this transition process as understood by various groups, and want to help define the basic characteristics of a broadly inclusive alliance that can support cooperation and teamwork in the strongest and clearest way.
Great Transition Survey 2 Continuing from GTI Survey 1
Action for a World that Works We are offering an array of "action options" -- things you can do from this site, using your "My Loom" tool and other emerging possibilities.

What else could we do from here? Please suggest any ideas you might have.
Community is the answer Inspired by many converging influences in the late 1990's and 2000's, the Berkana Institute proposed a bold and visionary hypothesis: "Whatever the problem, community is the answer."

How could this hypothesis be true? If it could be true in various ways, perhaps profoundly so, what might be the weaknesses or vulnerabilities of this vision?

If we want to strengthen this vision of community as universal solution, what do we need to do?
Co-creation and spirit We are continuing to explore the notion of co-creation as embodying qualities often understood as mystical Spirit, Co-creation, and the Universal Theology of Oneness
My activism As network weaver and visionary social change activist, what are you hoping to do? What would you like to see emerge? How can the Charter project support you and your vision and the work you are doing or would like to do?
Compassionate Citizens How can this Charter project work with the Compassionate Citizen's Foundation to support the growth of spiritual activism?
The Integral Hypothesis In a co-creative spirit, we are proposing an initial comprehensive hypothesis for integrating the world's knowledge and enlightened activism.

What have we left out? What should we include? Where are we wrong?

Let's co-create the big picture for this puzzle. Let us know how it looks to you!
The Standing Women Movement 2018 Questions for follow-through and further activism in spirit or politics
The power of co-creation in the world What does "co-creation" mean to you?
Common ground of religions Does your religion or religious group believe that religious people from various traditions can stand together as a force for good in the world?
Test of all question types for email Want to try all different kinds of questions and options for email
Convening the spirit of facilitation Basic principles for negotiating agreement across difficult divides
My Co-creation How do you relate to the process of co-creation? What is important for you? How do you practice co-creation?
Charter agreement Personal response to the Charter agreement
Sectors of interest to me The Charter project is holistic and interdisciplinary. But not everyone is interested in every sector. This inquiry will enable people to pick areas they are interested in.