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The integral hypothesis
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We are developing a single "integral hypothesis" that spans the breadth of human inquiry and academic/scientific disciplines. At core, it is an epistemolgical theory, an ontological theory. It's a theory of conceptural form. But in its details it begins to outline an array of special-purpose "conceptual bridges" that help build connection between disciplines and subject areas -- and indeed, between sectors.

How can we talk about "science and religion" in the same context, and see both sides of this ancient tension as representing fully realistic points of view?

Our fundamental ontology emerges from the concept of ONE -- and sees all concepts as "cut" from within this single framework. Science is defined within this context, and so is religion. The two areas are defined at different evels of abstraction and involved very different methods and kinds of experiences. But both can be accurately defined within the same spectrum.

Much more to come...