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Charter for Cocreation - Design and Development - Integrating Matrix for a Fragmented World

Integrating matrix for a fragmented world
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The world is divided by innumerable borders and boundaries, created for an endless number of reasons. Just as geographical boundaries divide nations and states and cities, the categories of the human mind are also divided by innumerable distinctions. We need those distinctions to navigate our world. But we need them held in wholeness and balance.

Our thesis:

At the point of every boundary in reality, there is potential for disagrement or battle. There are at least "two sides". Should Britain be separated from the EU? At what point in the gestation of a child should abortion become illegal? Where do we draw the line?

Sector dispersion - the limits of human cognition -- why this project is tough to understand, it takes a lot of specialized skills and and interests, and almost nobody has those

Two primary directions -- converging to similarity -- diverging towards difference: the basic tendency in reality -- "many/one" -- is realted to "libertarian/communitarian" -- or as in the above photo on Brexit, "nationalist/globalist"

How can we convene a general process for unifying and converging the essential forces of the global movement? They involve many sectors, and few if any people are or can be aware of all sectors.

We are convening a resonant core for the entire world