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Charter for Cocreation - Design and Development - Integrating Matrix for a Fragmented World

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Interactive Charter for Co-creation Inquiry -- please respond!
Movement Weavers 1
The Facebook group "Movement Weavers" is full of interesting ideas for changing and healing the world. This entire Charter web site is supposed to be a "loom" -- a co-creative/collaborative loom for weaving together the million strands of an emerging new movement nobody can fully see yet.

Can we work together, as a team or a collaborative? What "movement" are we weaving? What should we include? What do you personally want to do or see happen?
Please respond as best you are able. Interpret the questions in your own terms. Enter any additional thoughts in available text boxes.
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This is a big subject. Let's check off a few quick points that will help pull us together and maybe get us on the road to some real collaborative work around something like a shared vision.

Please check anything that describes you or what you would like to do. Add any option in the comment box that you'd like to see included.
Select one or more
Yes, I am a movement weaver.
Yes, I would like to work with other movement weavers.
I want to help define "the movement" we are weaving.
I'd like to work with other weavers to help define a common framework and direction.
I'd like to help define a large-scale big-time social change movement that spans many sectors and specializations. I can find a place for myself inside a big framework like that.
I am envisioning a "holistic" movement that spans and coordinates disciplines and sectors and demographic groups, helping build teamwork and collaboration where today it might be difficult.
I can work in a "co-creative" way with other people. I don't have to be "right about everything" and I am happy to listen and learn.
I am interested in a "global ethic" that supports and sustains life everywhere and is centered in wholeness.
If we could get hundreds (or thousands) of weavers pulling (weaving) in the same direction, we could probably do totally amazing things to help change the world.


It seems we are moving away from a world of fragments towards a world of wholeness, where interdependence and blurry or transient boundaries are the norm. This seems to require of us some new ways to understand the world. Please check off points whee you agree or are comfortable. Select one or more
Sectors like energy and economy and ecology and climate are highly interconnected, and we should approach them aware of this interdependence.
The world economy must be transformed away from a world of selfish competition with winners and losers, to a world where the abundance of the world can be fairly shared with all people everywhere.
If we work together in a graceful spirit, we can probably find balanced solutions to the most challenging social problems -- such as hunger, disease, lack of housing and clean water and health care, gender and ethnic discrimination, etc.
I am aware that many problems are inherently global (climate, ocean health, atmosphere, many others), but I also realize that these issues become most real ("actual") at the local level.


What tools and options should our personal "loom" (networking tools on this Charter site) include? Select one or more
The capacity to add/list a new organization that I believe is working in the right direction
The capacity to add new contacts into our expanding network
Tools to help develop a relationship with a participating organziation or network


What big themes would you like to explore? Just sketch out your own personal vision for where things are going, or where you'd like to go, or where you like to see movement weavers take the world... Comment