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Interactive Charter for Co-creation Inquiry -- please respond!
The Fusion
We are heading into a convergence, driven by many forces including globalization, simultaneity and cognitive overload. Through this survey process, this Charter project has been exploring "itemization" approaches to establishing common ground. We are supposing that preserving authenticity makes it essential to preserve similarities and differences between people.

But is this realistic? Maybe the simultaneous dimensionality of the convergence is simply too high, and we will be forced to depend on fusion and alignment, rather than itemization of similarities and differences. Will we still need words and categories?
Please respond as best you are able. Interpret the questions in your own terms. Enter any additional thoughts in available text boxes.
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The internet offers us unprecedented capacity for detailed fine-grained organizing. We can connect millions of people, and those people can identify themselves in highly detailed way. This possibility enables a powerful and highly detailed approach to alliance development, and is already happening in commercial marketing.

But are we heading into an era of fusion, involving an overwhelming level of detail? Can we still depend on the distinctions of duality (right/left, up/down, good/bad, positive/negative, safe/unsafe)? Or will we have to navigate our world in some other less categorical way? Will we still need words and categories?
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Categorical distinctions and traditional agreements (or disagreements) are no longer necessary, and may become impossible. Information flow has become too complex, too interdependent, and too simultaneous.
Of course we must preserve basic distinctions. We cannot survive as a species without distinctions like true/false, right/left, safe/unsafe. We must make collective decisions based on this kind of abstract symbolic representation.
The real issue for the emerging new culture and spirituality is alignment. The challenge is to converge into common alignment -- perhaps organized around a common center to all things, towards which all things converge.
It makes sense that a network project aimed at one million people should preserve the differences between those people in ways we can describe precisely.



At large scale, the human instinct for unity and convergence may replace detailed differences with resonance. Our governance models will find other way to make decisions. Perhaps the only decision will involve a commitment to convergence into the universal current moving through all human beings in the same form.

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Impossible. We are not that advanced, and we will not be that advanced any time soon -- and maybe never.
Human beings can and will achieve a unity of the spirit that is "beyond words". We will "just know" -- somehow, by deep intuition. And of course some will go one way and some another. But spirit and instinct will guide us.
We could have the highest interpersonal resonance that ever happened and still see particular questions and issues and situations in different ways. We need distinctions!