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Charter for Cocreation - Design and Development - Integrating Matrix for a Fragmented World

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Interactive Charter for Co-creation Inquiry -- please respond!
What is the Charter for Co-creation?
We are driven by a vision of co-creation, and we want to form an international agreement that governs or guides or inspires a global-scale co-creative process that helps heal and inspire and uplift the world.

We have not yet settled on the wording for this agreement. What should it say? What should it include?
Please respond as best you are able. Interpret the questions in your own terms. Enter any additional thoughts in available text boxes.
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Many group processes and dialogue methods employ agreements and guidelines as ground rules. Does it make sense to create a single broad agreement intended to guide the interaction and co-creative interaction of many separate groups working in an alliance? Could co-creation be the essential principle for "building a world that works for all"? Select one
Yes, a meaningful alliance among cooperating groups could be bonded by principles of co-creation.


I believe co-creation is an essential factor in creating a world that works for everyone Select one
It might be the most important factor
Yes, it is essential along with other factors
No, it is not essential


Essential points of a basic agreement Select one or more
I agree to honor co-creation.
I agree to treat all people with respect who will respect me.
I agree to seek a shared understanding across all differences.
I agree to help weave a world that works for all.