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Charter for Cocreation - Design and Development - Integrating Matrix for a Fragmented World

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Interactive Charter for Co-creation Inquiry -- please respond!
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All over the world, a transformative movement is arising. We see it in different forms in hundreds or thousands of organizations. This manifesto surveys this movement and calls for a "movement of movements" organized around these core themes. Please indicate your support, and add your comments or suggestions.
Please respond as best you are able. Interpret the questions in your own terms. Enter any additional thoughts in available text boxes.
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I support the Movement of Movements manifesto.
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Resonant agreement

Clearly, this is a huge movement, spanning every culture and every kind of diversity. There can be no one "perfect wording" for a broadly inclusive statement intended for diverse demographic groups. Perhaps the best way to interpret the wording is to resonate with it, to feel your way into agreement by empathy -- and to understand that every one of these points is a huge discussion, with many moving parts, all of which must be approached through co-creation. This is a holistic and "new civilization" kind of statement, with many alternative possible wordings to accommodate the vast diversity of the world.

Still, if you have some thoughts or suggestions for change -- list them here. We'll be glad to hear from you.


What can you suggest for expanding the growth of this movement? Who should we talk to? What should we add?