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Interactive Charter for Co-creation Inquiry -- please respond!
Vision for a New Economy
All over the world and here in the USA, we hear a rising chorus of voices calling for major changes in our economic system. Today, it seems obvious to millions of people that the economy on which all people depend for their well-being is highly distorted or weighted in favor of the super-rich.

This causes great suffering all over the planet, and is understood by many people to not only be unfair and almost criminal, but also responsible for severe environmental degradation. We need to work together to "fix" this situation. How can we do this?

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What is wrong with the present economic system? Select one or more
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What should a "new economic system" look like and how would it work? Select one or more
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How can and should we enable a transition from our present economic system to a more desirable new economic system? Select one or more
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What is your personal commitment to helping enable the emergence of a new economic system? What are you willing to do to help? Select one or more
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