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Charter for Cocreation - Design and Development - Integrating Matrix for a Fragmented World

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Interactive Charter for Co-creation Inquiry -- please respond!
The Integral Hypothesis
In a co-creative spirit, we are proposing an initial comprehensive hypothesis for integrating the world's knowledge and enlightened activism.

What have we left out? What should we include? Where are we wrong?

Let's co-create the big picture for this puzzle. Let us know how it looks to you!
Please respond as best you are able. Interpret the questions in your own terms. Enter any additional thoughts in available text boxes.
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We are proposing to interconnect science and religion through a single multi-level spectrum that spans the full range of human thinking, from the empirical to the transcendental.

This is a revolution in thinking. Can this be done?

What do we have to include?
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Reality is One. Science and Religion are facets of that One, seen from different angles.
Religion does not have to be about metaphors or cosmological theories that contradict science.
An integral spectrum can help establish the unity of knowledge -- including both science and religion.
There is no innate contradiction between evolution and religion. They can both be true.
A "science of religion" is feasible and probably desirable.



We are proposing the concept of "co-creation" as the spiritual and practical core of any collaborative creative process.

People holding different and perhaps contradictory views can come together in co-creation and emerge from a productive conversation with ideas and possibilities that satisfy both parties and perhaps have never before existed.

Co-creation is the essence of creativity.
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I have experienced co-creation.
Co-creation is an essential quality of any healthy community that brings together alternative points of view.
We can combine perspectives and insights and skills and form a broad and general-purpose "theory of everything" that orders our collective enterprise in ways that are consistent with everything we know.



To many people today, it seems that the concept of "One" or "Oneness" provides a kind of universal container for all concepts, all thoughts, all sectors, all possibilities.

Inside this all-embracing all-encompassing One are all possible categories of division, all possible ways to "slice" reality into segments or sectors or demographics or categories. This universal framework seems consistent with both science and religion.

Do you agree with this? If not, what is wrong with this concept?

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This is especially true in an age of globalism. Cultural evolution is driving many thoughts and specialized categories towards ever-increasingly general forms. The ultimate general form is "One".
The concept "One" is the top-level category in many or most religions. Science understands existence as a "uni-verse" -- a single space containing everything. Perhaps we can do the same thing with categories.
This is the essential concept of "ontology" -- the science of being and how being is cut up by the human mind into "categories" for the sake of immediate necessity and convenience.