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"We are looking for organizations that share some or all aspects of a broadly inclusive well-being agenda, and exploring ways that their partial agreement and overlap can be bridged and interconnected."

Arising all around us is a powerful movement for holistic social change.

This movement is driven by an enlightened vision of human potential -- and by the fear that our existing system is failing in ways that are increasingly dangerous and too often deadly.

A brilliant vision of wholeness

The conversation across this movement is hopeful, visionary, ambitious and profoundly transformative. It is turbulent, complex, highly creative, and spanning the full range of human intellectual and spiritual inquiry. It concerns all the major issues involving basic human welfare and well-being, including economics, climate, water, food, housing, education and peace. It includes all the major sectors of human thought and experience, including science, spirituality, philosophy and religion.

Its core ethic is wholeness -- wholeness in all things, wholeness as the guide to all things.

But this movement is still in formation. It is only beginning to coalesce as a political and socially transformative force.

Not yet whole

Though this movement is generally about the whole and is inspired by the whole, the movement itself is not yet whole. Though inspired and authentic and brilliant, the movement today is scattered and fragmented and without significant political influence.

It is scattered, fragmented, divided on particulars, with no explicit common agenda. It is not a unity. It is splintered into demographic sectors and personal preferences. It is a scattered collection of loosely affiliated and ovrelapping ideas, which we would have to say are still in formation, still coalescing, still emerging.

Using a simple process of internet outreach, that can be developed and expanded through our meme of "weaving", we can begin to organze a large-scale highly inclusive multi-sector co-creative process that brings together leading voices in any sector or in all sectors.

If you are working for a new world -- a "world that works for all" -- you are a natural "weaver" for this project, and can begin to engage in a broadly inclusive process of co-creation that interconnects organizations in any sector of interest to you.

We are exploring a process of "convergent facilitation" that involves defining common goals and objectives and policies across many "diverse" organizations


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