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Charter for Cocreation - Design and Development - Integrating Matrix for a Fragmented World

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Interns, coordinators and staff assistants

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  • About this project
    How did we get here, why are we doing this, how can you contact us, what are we trying to accomplish, what if I need help??
  • History of this vision
    This project has a long history that spans many disciplines and sectors. We combine "science and religion" in original ways. We combine all of these elements into an enlightened new vision for politics and governance -- that we believe is being driven by creative people all over the world.
  • In progress
    This site is under construction and constantly growing and evolving. Survey
  • Interns, coordinators, staff assistants and volunteers
    If you would like to help us "weave a world that works", please get in touch. We'll find a special position for you!
  • Table of contents
    Site map for our pages
  • Action
  • Action
    Connect organizations and individuals around common themes, exert public influence Survey
  • Democracy
    Enlightened democracy -- what is it, how do we get there
  • Organizational alliance
    Organizations pursuing civic activism
  • Strategy and design
    How are we going to accomplish our objectives?
  • Activism
  • Agreements
    How important are agreements in human relationships and in society and civilization? In a democracy, our agreements are our law. How can we maintain our agreements?
  • Center
    In the process of convergence we are exploring, the point towards which all convergence tends is "center". We are considering whether all religion, all spirituality, and and all democratic self-governance can and should involve the process of convergence towards common center.
  • Circles
    Circle is an ancient principle and method for establishing common ground and agreement in a group of people. "Circles have centers", and agreement in a circle is a process of convergence towards common center. Circles can be interconnected through common center.
  • Community
    The Berkana Institute says "whatever the problem, community is the answer". This vision combines the spirit of sharing and mutual trust with collective intelligence. Community is the core of co-creation. Survey
  • Convergent facilitation
    The convergence must be facilitated. Survey
  • Methods
    Find and list methods of dialogue and group process, emphasizing circle as the core architecture
  • Organizations
    There are many thousands of organizations and websites supporting the action of co-creation in the world, across many sectors and spanning many specialized skills. We are weaving connections between them.
  • Principles
    What are the guiding principles for enlightened healthy dialogue in the context of community? We are drawing together the best ideas from groups and leaders all over the world.
  • Sectors
    The world has been divided into sectors for many reasons. Sectors are natural break-points in the organization of society. But sectors can become points of critical division. We must bridge them in graceful ways that reflect the understanding from both (all) sides of the divide.
  • We the people
    We the People are not monolithic. We are diversity itself. And in that diversity is fantastic potential for cocreation. Let's recognize that, and organize the greatest co-creative action in history.
  • Well being
    All over the planet, this vision of a shared human objective is becoming clearer. We want to help "connect the dots" of this important movement.
  • My Perspective
  • Brainstorm
    Pour your ideas into a high-capacity container. We'll figure out the details after we catch our breath.
  • Forum
    We are beginning to develop a broadcast email technology. We can expand this framework to include many subscribing voices.
  • Inquiries
    We're building a polling and interview system -- that operates right here in this framework -- and also by email, so we do outreach to all participating members and agencies. This is the strongest and most reliable way to absolutely define our common ground with precision.
  • My loom
    You can be a "network activist" helping to weave the strands of enlightened community by interconnecting individuals and agencies anywhere in the world, around the common ground of co-creation.
  • My perspective
    Bring your unique ideas and insights into our common framework and interact with us. We want to include your angle and your special insights.
  • My profile
    Tell us about yourself. Keep your contact information up to date. Complete polls and surveys to express your point of view.
  • Polling
    Polling enables us to find out what individuals and groups and sectors have in common, and how we can act together for the common good
  • Science
  • Categories
    Skeletal outline of the framework, lists of anything we think is important, how is this project framed and in what terms.
  • Convergence
    There are evolutionary forces governing human thought, that are tending to drive concepts towards ever-increasing levels of generality, This is a process of convergence embracing all facets of experience and driving them all towards a new universal form.
  • Integral spectrum
    The intuitive vision of all sectors, all factors, all departments of knowledge, all taxonomy. Great philosophers and visionaries have explored this theme since the beginning of civilization.
  • Our Research
    The Charter project involves synthesizing new research projects and agendas, defined across the full spectrum of interdisciplinary and intersector community. This page introduces these themes and shows how they are interrelated to our broader single objective.
  • Programming convergence
    By identifying important constructive tendencies in society and evolution, we can help empower their good influence and help to nurture synergy and collaboration between them.
  • Science
    How do we know what we know? How do human beings establish "certainty" at the basis of our common experience? Science and the scientific method help establish the common ground of what is truly known for sure.
  • Semantic ontology
    The mathematics of language, the mystery of concepts, the "concept of all concepts", how does primal oneness become duality?
  • Taxonomy
    Taxonomy is the science and art of classification ("Is it plant, animal or mineral?"). It can be rigid and unnatural -- or, in more sophisticated models, become an extremely fluent and graceful way to navigate the mysteries of duality.
  • Spirit
  • Alignment
    We are envisioning a process of "alignment to common center" as a universal principle interconnecting all the forces for global enlightenment in a common and balanced and whole-systems framework
  • Interfaith
    The religions of the world come together across many distinctions and borders. Religions can be different in many ways. They also can have profound and sacred elements in common. We work to identify and empower that common ground.
  • Namaste
    The principle of "namaste" might be the essence of co-creation. Despite our differences, "You and I are One" -- and we can clarify how this true and how we can work together through the spirit of this unity.
  • Perennial philosophy
    The philosophy of religion throughout history has found a common ground based on simple fundamental principles that can be seen as true in many (or all!) cultural contexts.
  • Spirit
    We can understand Spirit as the core energy of human experience, and explore spiritual traditions and religions for ways to guide spirit in the most healthy and illuminated ways.
  • Spiritual activism
    Spiritual activism is political activism guided by the spirit. It's powerful because have a special insight on what to do, and ways to avoid bickering over that devil that's always in the details. Go for the good -- that's our common ground.
  • Straight and narrow
    This is the path of perfect alignment -- all "horizontal" personal relationships held in perfect and shared/common vertical alignment
  • The Word
    Om / Tao / Logos / Brahman / The All / The One / The Whole - known by many names and none, the mystery container of all things, from which all things derive -- in religion, spirituality, philosophy or science
  • Theology
    Principles of universal theology, what religions have in common, links to religions
  • Virtue
    Spirit is about the good -- the good is guided by the one, in relation to the one -- always flexible, always in particular, always immediate, always here and now, the best right true most beautiful way knowable through attunement
  • Vision
  • Bridges
    The transition from fragmentation to wholeness involves new ideas interconnecting sectors. Including ideas from psychology and semantics and system theory, we are building new ways to envision common ground.
  • Connecting the dots - vision for wellbeing
    It's a big movement out there, with lots of moving parts - sometimes totally unaware of one another. We're creating ways to reach out systematically across sectors in supportive ways, doing what we can to get all these horses for enlightened change pulling in the same direction.
  • Emergence & synergy
    There are natural forces tending to drive cultural evolution. We can study them and harness their energies to help lift culture into a new era of well-being.
  • FB movement weavers
    An inquiry from Facebook compatriots Survey
  • Great Transition
    The world is going through major changes - described by some as "The Shift", by others as "The Great Transition" or "The Great Turning". Whatever it's called, it's driven by globalization and it is changing everything. Survey
  • Integrating matrix for a fragmented world
    This is a huge idea. Are we really doing this, or trying to? Yes. We think it's feasible, for a whole lot of reasons, grounded in two major points: The power of databases can handle the complexity and the power of the internet can handle the connections.
  • Mystical geometry
    Our deepest intuitions about the organisation and structure of the human mind and the universe we live in
  • New story
    Wendell Barry put the concept of "New Story" into popular thinking. We are helping to gather elements of this new story, in ways that are consistent with Deep Spirit and the new science of global ontology and semantics.
  • Strategies
    List of various approaches to coalescing this movement, including manifesto and factoring ("interdimensional weaving")
  • The Whole
    What is "the whole"? How many ways can we say it? How it wholeness an ethic? How is it a principle of systems development? How is it a cosmology?
  • Transcend and include
    The evolution of concepts tending towards broader abstractions and ever-more inclusive wholes
  • Vision
    The world is in transition, and the primary evolutionary driver is globalization. We are spearheading the new philosophy of interconnection in ways that span the full range from deep intuition to science.
  • Welcome
  • Get my password
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  • Join us
    It's fast, simple, non-invasive, with no obligation or cost, and easy to quit. We don't want private details and there's no risk. We want your vision, your good ideas, and the spiritual and intellectual force of your being helping us to "weave a world that works"
  • Manifesto
    A powerful succinct consolidated statement that reviews the major points of global shift and invites further involvement and connection Survey
  • Proposal and intivation
    Proposal for co-creation, invitation to co-creation
  • Sign in
    Link to enter email address and password
  • Sign the Charter
    The text of the Charter itself is in progress. Survey
  • The integral hypothesis
    In this project, in the spirit of co-creation, we are proposing an initial integrating hypothesis that we believes covers the ground in an appropriate way. But this hypothesis is just a starting point. We want to proceed in a fully co-creative way. Please add your thoughts and insights and suggestions.
  • This site is a loom
    This Charter website is highly interactive. You can add new organizations and contacts and 'weave' connections between them.
  • Welcome
    Cocreation is a big vision extending across the entire range of civilization. The pioneers of the emerging new world can pool their understanding.
  • What is cocreation?
    Cocreation is the core principle underlying the unity of culture and the healing of civilization. We are learning to consciously master its mysteries.
  • Your activism
    Introduction to network weaving on this Charter web site Survey
  • Topic index