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Charter for Cocreation - Design and Development - Integrating Matrix for a Fragmented World

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Our Choice

This project explores the possibilities for co-creation in a fractious and divided world.

Check the vision statement for a review of our situation. Read the manifesto for an inspiring affrmation of our position.

We believe the world is passing through a significant transition, involving dangerous challenges and new ways to understand reality. In this project, we are considering what seems to us to be the full spectrum of these emerging changes, and we are addressing them all through an interconnected matrix framework that defines the relationships between sectors and helps support their direct interaction.

The Charter for Cocreation is an agreement among people and organizations that they will do their best to work in co-creative ways with other groups and people anywhere, towards the goal of increasing the wellbeing of people everywhere. The ethic for the project is guided by the principles of wholeness.

The principles of co-creation undergird all inspired efforts to solve collective problems, and we are working to interconnect people of goodwill everywhere who know we must work together in the full context of our differences.

Core project motivation

We are leading-edge activists defining and midwifing "the shift" or "great transition" into a world of wholeness.

Core political objectives

  • Create a comprehensive holistic political movement capable of addressing many issues at the same time
  • Create an equitable economy that works for all people
  • Help build trust and a spirit of co-creation in USA and global politics
  • Organize a clear and unified approach to climate change
  • Overcome the critical and debilitating weaknesses of USA democracy

We are developing ways to

  • Build fluent relationships between cultural sectors
  • Clarify and articulate the power of co-creation
  • Convene the spirit of mediation and facilitation
  • Develop a universal ethic across all sectors
  • Embed the local in the context of the global
  • Expand the bandwidth of collective human thinking
  • Explore the role of semantic ontology
  • Focus the common ground of human experience
  • Identify a universal standard for collective truth
  • Integrate with blockchain and the sharing economy
  • Reestablish connection with absolute wholeness
  • Refine and perfect the process and concept of agreement
  • Weave a world that works for everyone

We anticipate that the influence of co-creation will gradually radiate across the world through relationships with hundreds or thousands of individuals and leading-edge groups who already recognize some or all elements of the co-creative process.

Our first objective is to identify and establish a body of guiding principles that can be widely shared across organizations and sectors. We are beginning to gather an array of methods, particularly grounded in the ancient method of circle.

Our design for activism involves simple connections between people and agencies guided in the spirit of this agreement.




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