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We the People
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Convergent facilitation

We are supposing that an authentic "voice of the people" can be convened through enlightened and well-networked facilitation -- and when guided in an enlightened spirit that embraces diversity, the fragmenting and splintering problems that beset any broadly inclusive political movement can be transformed into a powerful creative opportunity.

Create an "electronic congress of the people"

"Intolerance leads to hatred and division. Even our children should grow up with the idea that dialogue, and not violence, is the best and most practical way to solve conflicts. The young generations have a great responsibility to ensure that the world becomes a more peaceful place for all. But this can only become reality if our educational systems educate not only the brain but also the heart.

"The educational systems of the future should place greater emphasis on strengthening human abilities, such as warm-heartedness, the sense of oneness of humanity and love. I see with ever greater clarity that our spiritual well-being depends not on religion, but on our innate human nature, our natural affinity for goodness, compassion, and caring for others.

Regardless of whether or not we belong to a religion, we all have a fundamental and profoundly human wellspring of ethics within ourselves. We need to nurture that shared ethical basis. Ethics, as opposed to religion, are grounded in human nature. And that is how we can work on preserving creation. That is religion and ethics put into practice. Empathy is the basis of human coexistence. It is my belief that human development relies on cooperation and not competition. That is scientifically proven." Dalai Lama


To be continued...